Orange County's Favorite Sulungtang and Kimchi since 1989.  9816 Garden Grove Blvd.

Welcome to Jang Mo Gip, Garden Grove.  We are Orange County's original restaurant specializing in sulungtang since we first opened our doors over 20 years ago.

We have been serving the best tasting hearty bowl of sulungtang and kimchi to Orange County. We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients and quality. Taste quality and consistency which has remained a favorite among loyal patrons old and young as well as new.

We invite you to take home a bowl of sulung tang to go, buy kimchi to go or come in to taste of a bowl of soup that has made us famous.

Our customers love us on Yelp!

What is Sulungtang? It is a combination of beef bones and cuts of beef which results in a milky, broth soup. What makes it so special is that the richness of the broth that comes from boiling and extracting the bones for hours which requires constant care (think of it as Korean version of making  a veal stock). The soup is traditionally served with sea salt and scallions to taste, accompanied by delicious, spicy kimchi to complement the delicate rich flavor of the soup.
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